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Svima | Post-Atmosphere II

Svima | Post-Atmosphere II

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Svima: Anamarija Korolj

  • Mixed digital media | 2021
  • Giclée print with archival inks
  • Signed limited edition of 3
  • 32” x 48” (81 x 122 cm)
  • Museum quality glass and frame (white)


In an alternate world where livable surfaces require protection from a hostile atmosphere, a superstructure creates its own macroclimate.

This piece is part of our exhibition Soft Shield | Allegorical Spaces by Svima as part of DesignTO Festival 2022. 

Like cells encased in their membranes, communicating mysteriously with one another and the body as a whole, humans are beginning to interface with our spaces more intimately. Our spaces are becoming responsive to us, and in many ways, are beginning to know us.

In Soft Shield, Svima explores the responsive, pliable, flexible, biophilic, and biomorphic. The works examine how spaces relate to wellbeing, physical and mental health, storytelling, and the natural environment. Conceived as a series of allusive narratives where each space tells a story, the works investigate notions of self and perception, using vivid environments as allegories for various facets of contemporary existence.

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