Exhibitions | Migrants Welcome | Migrantes São Bem-Vindos

October 6th - 24th 2021

Migrants Welcome is an exhortation to think about our personal ancestry as a keeper of the history, identity, and collective memory, in relation to migrations and territorial ownership.

Through video performances, engravings and photographic work, Gabriel Chaile (Argentina) and Paulo Nazareth (Brazil) recover the essence that was denied to Indigenous and Africans migrants in the emerging of Latin America.

In the video performance, Black Ink on my hair: Stride, Gabriel Chaile engages with the viewer by using his own body to highlight the concept of territory. The artist tells us: “One day I decided to draw. I wanted to leave a trace in the place where I lived and which I felt a part of. I covered my hair with ink and went for a walk. I used my head to think, my body to inhabit and my hands to draw. I always think that there is no other territory that one knows better than one's own body”

Paulo Nazareth’s Notebooks from Africa / News that already exists in the world are engravings that reinterpret newspaper images to reflect on both recent immigration and forced, enslaved migration from Africa to Argentina.

His video performances Walk through a rich neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Malvenido and News from America [artistic performance registry] incorporates gestures and actions to highlight tensions of class and social justice. His work is currently participating in the 34th Sao Paulo Biennial.

Curators: Claudia Lala & Gabriela Jurevicius