Exhibitions | Sembrando | Clandestinos Art

June 2th - 26th 2022 


by Clandestinos Art (Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky)

EXHIBITION CATALOGUE: Sembrando by Clandestinos Art

EXHIBITION HOURS: Wednesday to Friday | 5pm - 8pm                             

Saturday and Sunday | 3pm - 7pm

Appointments can be made outside these hours.

LOCATION: Underscore Projects
                    1468 Dundas St W - Toronto ON M65J1Y6 Dundas/Dufferin

ARTIST TALK: June 11th at 3pm

OUTDOOR MURAL PAINTING: June 17, 18 and 19 throughout the day

KITE MAKING WORKSHOP: June 25 at 3:30pm

Accessibility: The gallery is partially wheelchair accessible on the ground level.

The ‘Clandestinos’ collective, Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack, come together at Underscore Projects for a culmination of their collaborative mastery and 10-year anniversary since their first show together as an art powerhouse duo.

The duo has been giving life and colour to streets of Toronto and around the world for the past decade, and will now present their collective work for the first time in Toronto at Underscore Projects. The artists have been busy working for the past seven months on exclusive work for the show and we can't wait to share it with you. A month-long exhibition, 'Sembrando' will also have lots of exciting programming for the whole family which will be announced soon! 

About the Exhibition

‘Sembrando’ in Spanish, translates to ‘sowing’, a free-hand scattering of seeds into the earth with the intent to germinate. Following this metaphor for growth, both artists blossomed forth from South American soil and continue to bring many of their foundational Latinx cultural attitudes into each art piece. A strong emphasis is placed on the consecration of nature and fostering a greater familial identity shared amongst all people, a universal culture mix or ‘mestizaje’.  The artworks presented in ‘Sembrando’ speak to the importance of evolution within the artistic process and within life’s journey. Over the course of the last 10 years, Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack have continued to prosper as a collaborative force, in art, in love and more recently in parenthood to their young daughter Violeta. 

About the Artists

From Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bruno Smoky is a mural and canvas artist that has been creating large scale artworks scattered worldwide since 2004. 

In 2013 he moved to Toronto, Canada, where his provoking and colorful murals have become a notable visual presence. He continues to live in Toronto and creates work for numerous private and public platforms, frequently acting with fellow artist and life partner, Shalak Attack, together forming ‘Clandestinos’.

Smoky’s work presents a dynamic illustrative style that uses a high-contrast color palette to build elaborate multi-layer textures and compositions. Often depicting landscapes, animals or human subjects surrounded by natural elements, his subjects live in a surrealist world juxtaposed with an activist perspective exposing real world narratives related to social and environmental injustices. These murals connect and reference a diverse web of community cultures and epitomize Art as a proactive visual form of protest.

Shalak Attack is a Canadian-Chilean artist whose murals, paintings and urban art can be found internationally. Formerly based in Montreal and later in Sao Paulo, she currently lives in Toronto, Canada and collaborates regularly with her partner in life and in art, Bruno Smoky, under the name ‘Clandestinos’. 

Shalak’s artistic style is recognizable by her use of smooth and bold multi-colour gradients at play in metaphorical compositions made up of striking depictions of her renown animal and vibrant human portraits. Her subjects emanate a spiritual quality with psychedelic visual components such as sacred geometry and enhanced colour-blocking that conducts a positive and vibrant flow of energy throughout every visual narrative. 

Her work depicts a deep psychological awareness that brings the intrinsic grace of Pachamama, an indigenous ‘Mother Earth’, to the devastated habitats of both animals and people due to society’s critical mistreatment of natural resources. Recently, this intuitive approach to her art making and storytelling has become reflected in her own reality as a new mother, now embodying nature’s purest strength and resilience through imparted nurturing and growth.