Pride Month at Underscore Projects

Underscore Projects partnered with Pride Toronto bringing art installations to the neighbourhood for the month of June 2021. Free admission.

A Reflection on the Invisible - Aude Guivarc'h  - June 3-June 30 - 2nd floor

A Reflection on the Invisible is a discussion about the unseen. Daylight renders this mirror sculpture almost invisible. It reflects people and their environment and in a way, fades into its surroundings. At night, the semi-transparent two-way mirror doesn’t reflect as much, thus letting the inner lighting define the shape of the sculpture. The dichotomy of night and day symbolizes how ostracized people might choose to camouflage into society by reflecting what it wants to see. The sculptural shape of this polygonal installation reverences the vulva. Large in size, it is staged as an imposing yet graceful monolith, defying society’s oppression and inculcating respect.

Pride Community Mural - Ness Lee & Chief Lady Bird - June 3-June 30 - 3rd floor

Ness Lee’s work is an investigation of the human form dealing with notions of intimacy and self-love. Rather than the emphasis on the physical form, the emotional resonance and presence is brought to focus in periods of vulnerability, discomfort and acceptance. Using various mediums, she explores and echoes these emotions, encompassing its tactile experience into one that is filled with a depth of feeling, playing on humourous rhythms and self-exploration.

Come to My Window - Roxanne Luchak  - June 25 and June 26 - Facade

FACADE Edition. An outdoor video installation by Roxanne Luchak with a special guest performance by the amazing Frosty Valentine on June 26.