Exhibitions | Nature with Nurture

Oct 29th - Nov 14th 2021
Underscore Projects presents "Nature with Nurture" a Creato exhibit.
Curated by Alloy Curatorial
Considering ‘creativity’ as a fundamentally human approach to problem solving, the capacity to actualize innovation beyond an idea is limited only by the availability of resources and support. The debated adage ‘Nature vs. Nurture’ implies that the outcome of growth is concrete dependent on one or the other, yet our lived experiences serve as confirmation that both notions are holistically connected and exist concurrently in our nature beyond these dichotomies.

The creative process is in itself gestational. Though initially vulnerable, inspiration expands instinctively when given the space to do so. This energy is a creature in itself that continues to grow as does its inherent need for sustenance, craving fuel to carry on.
Nature with Nurture presents the evolution of a spark into art, where the value of finished work is conveyed as the greater sum of intentional and devoted developments of artistry. 
To guide and foster this approach, Project Crea became a village and Underscore Projects a home. Connecting established artists with emerging talent, this program emphasizes the importance of sustaining the intersectional synergy that is pivotal for progress within the art world.
These artworks are united through the kinship of Toronto’s Latinx community and together create an immersive environment calling back to lands and stories of old, recounted through contemporary perspectives with fresh wisdom.
Enter the creative alliance between mentors and mentees through an array of disciplines in various mediums ranging from performance to digital installations, painting and photography.
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