Exhibitions | Night Lights | as part of ArtworxTO

November 18th - 28th 2021

Event as part of ArtworxTO

In a reversal of traditional stained-glass, which choreographs sunlight through colourful designs directed indoors, the rose window of St Helens Church will be curated to shine at night, projecting contemporary artworks uniquely visible along Dundas Street.

A symbol for spiritual harmony and nature’s sacred geometry, the rose window reflects life’s cyclical rhythms and revolutions. Arranged within the circle are radiating subdivisions of detailed segments, or traceries, resembling the petals of their floral namesake, all connected at the centre. Every tracery is created equal within the rounded frame, yet each one acquires an individual value based on its relative placement as part of the greater sequence.

Exploring these unique occupations of space and time, ‘Night Lights’ combines the artwork of 8 local artists in an interactive installation, projecting different illustrations into St. Helen’s rose window traceries. Each subdivision rotates in relation to cosmic ratios of orbit between the Earth, the Sun and the Moon. Cycling through this celestial pulse, every art piece can be accessed by the public by scanning their digital devices to a portal in which the works can be remixed and projected in real-time for a freestyle interplay of design evoking the church window.

Marking one’s place in an infinite orbit stabilizes a sense of orientation. It is inherently comforting to deconstruct the whole to define the sum of its parts, yet the distinction of each part only finds meaning when enlightened by conscious experience and attention.

As artworks pivot, the overall composition shifts with character and nuance, pieces of the same body becoming variably distinct while at play.

Take part in this orbit, make your mark and highlight its juncture by creating your own impression on a rolling wheel of art and time.

Featuring works by
Patrick Dias @tigerbacon
Kirk Clyne @kirkclyne
Katie Kotler @chanteclair_katie_kotler_art
Avril Wu @av.wu
Lauren Pirie @lapirie
Diana Lynn Vandermeulen @dianalynnvdm
Vivian Rosas
Victory Social Club @victorysocialclub