Exhibitions | Colour Love | Nathalie Allen

Sept 7th - Oct 4th 2020

Curated by Emilie Croning and Jordan Arnold

Drawing on the notion of Chromophobia (2000), introduced by artist and writer David Batchelor, Colour Love will aim to use visual language to offer a nuanced reflection on the social constructs of race and colour. Through the use of primary colours, this exhibition will explore the ways in which Batchelor’s theorization of colour connects to the marginalization of black bodies. Batchelor suggests that the marginalization of colour from the artistic realm is a direct function of the racial ideologies that permeate society. He parallels the muting of palettes with the muting of voices; the whitewashing of ethnic cultures to suit the tastes of the euro-centric world. Colour Love aims to critically engage with contemporary discussions of inclusivity and representation that are dominating the media. The thread of primary colours that runs through Allen’s representation of black bodies encourages a dialogue about the ways we treat colour both socially and aesthetically. Colour Love explores the complexities of place, space, and identity. Through the use of blue, red, and yellow, both vibrant and subtle, this exhibition explores the ways in which colour can amplify the presence of black bodies. To Allen, “being black is my primary colour, and here is a story of my love for black bodies shining boldly in primary colours.”