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Fidel Peña | Stance Design Against Fascism: Fear Poster | Limited Edition

Fidel Peña | Stance Design Against Fascism: Fear Poster | Limited Edition

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Stance Design Against Fascism: Fear Poster
  • Digital Print
  • 20"W x 28.5"H


Fidel Peña was 1 of 9 Toronto-based artists and designers—invited to work on themes relevant to marginalized and under-represented communities then asked to reinterpret two of the posters in the 1973 Chilean poster art exhibition Por la Vida...Siempre! (For Life...Always!). 

This work, ‘Design Against Fascism’, discusses current societal challenges such as polarization, radicalization, the rise of white nationalism and fascist tactics to the foreground. It creates a space for the audience to question how far we have truly advanced from the ideological dogmas of the past and how they continue to shape our current political, social and economic realities. 

In this piece, Peña’s solution was to reinterpret the original posters in a clean and direct manner to encourage an urgent response from the audience. Canadian Art Magazine listed the exhibition in ‘Must See Shows’ at the time in Canada, this it greatly helped increase the conversations designers are having about their role in our current political times.

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