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Bruno Smoky | Bobo da Corte (Jester)

Bruno Smoky | Bobo da Corte (Jester)

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Bruno Smoky
* 5" x 7"
* Acrylic paint on cotton paper with marker in a custom painted frame.


This piece is part of our exhibition Sembrando, the first exhibition of Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack (Clandestinos Arts) in Toronto. The Clandestinos duo came together for a culmination of their collaborative mastery and 10-year anniversary since their first show together as an art powerhouse collective. Including exclusive and never shown works, Sembrando is a rare opportunity for the artists’ uncensored expressive liberation outside public and commissioned artworks.

Sembrando in Spanish, translates to ‘sowing’, a free-hand scattering of seeds into the earth with the intent to germinate. Following this metaphor for growth, both artists blossomed forth from South American soil and continue to bring many of their foundational Latinx cultural attitudes into each art piece. A strong emphasis is placed on the consecration of nature and fostering a greater familial identity shared amongst all people, a universal culture mix or ‘mestizaje’.  The artworks presented in Sembrando speak to the importance of evolution within the artistic process and within life’s journey. Over the course of the last 10 years, Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack have continued to prosper as a collaborative force, in art, in love and more recently in parenthood to their young daughter Violeta.

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